CAM walkers, knee braces, knee immobilizers, combination plastic/leather ankle braces are just a few of the orthotic devices that we provide. Polio bracing is a highly specialized area of our expertise. Full plastic, metal and leather, both can be provided. We have the experience and training.
Foot orthotics are provided for many, varied foot problems. Plantar facilities, per planus (flat foot), pronation and traumatic injury. We use a full range of materials including carbon fiber, cork, suborthlene and plastazote.
Orthotics was the basis of our business when it was founded in 1943. It wasn’t until 1957 that we began to provide prosthetic devices. Today, we are a full service prosthetic and orthotic facility. This includes providing components to many clients from South and Central America and throughout the Caribbean. From the classic metal and leather to the plastic and even microchip controlled knee motion. We can provide the orthotics that will provide the function and comfort that you need and want.
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