Ossur Prosthetics

Founded in 1971, Össur has amassed wide-ranging expertise in the development, manufacture and sale of non-invasive orthopaedics. An assertive acquisition strategy has complemented ambitious organic growth over the last ten years and the Company is now a leading global player in the industry.

Össur continues to conceive and harness the very best in design and technological advances in its award-winning pursuit of “life without limitations”. Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a "Technology Pioneer", the Company invests significantly in research and product development, and Össur’s innovative R&D unit helps ensure a consistently strong position in the market.


Proprio Foot

By recognizing even the subtlest changes in movement, the sensor technology in the PROPRIO FOOT enables an appropriate and immediate response to variations in ground surface and activity. Terrain Logic™, the patented artificial intelligence (AI) that is the ‘brain’ of the device, helps to replace the function that the body’s central nervous system would normally play in processing information about changes occurring inside and outside the limb if it was still intact. A high precision linear actuator receives commands in the form of signals via a control board, which contain precise instructions concerning when and how fast to move to achieve the best possible response to any situation.


Modular III

An extremely light weight and durable, energy storage and release prosthesis. The 100% carbon fiber provides the wearer with smooth, continuous motion from heel strike to toe off. All ages and activity levels will benefit from the unmatched 95% energy storage and return. Durable for active individuals and extremely lightweight for those less active, there is no limit to who this foot can benefit


Re-flex Rotate EVO

Re-Flex Rotate with EVO™ from Össur is a durable, high performance foot that provides both vertical and rotational shock absorption. This combination is ideal for very active or moderately active users, especially those participating in activities such as golf


Flex Run

For more than two decades, the Össur Flex-Run has enabled amputees of all abilities to achieve their athletic goals, whether that be a jog in the park, a triathlon, or an ultramarathon. Now, the new Össur Flex-Run with Nike Sole elevates the original and undisputed leader in distance running feet to the next level. Leveraging Össur’s unmatched research and development in running prosthetics and Nike’s world-renowned traction and sole technologies, the new Össur Flex-Run with Nike Sole combines an improved Flex-Run design with the first running sole of its kind. The result is the ideal distance running foot, re-designed from the ground up to maximize traction, stability and performance for amputee athletes, while improving efficiency for prosthetists. It’s all part of our unwavering commitment to empowering athletes of all levels to live a “life without limitations”.



The Flex-Foot Cheetah blade is a custom-built, high performance carbon fiber foot designed primarily for sporting activities. It is the product of choice for elite amputee athletes around the world and used by champions such as Oscar Pistorius, often referred to as Blade Runner. Athletes Jerome Singleton, Jonnie Peacock, April Holmes and countless others also use the Flex-Foot Cheetah as their competitive foot of choice. This is the optimal sprinting foot for both transtibial and transfemoral amputees. It attaches posterior to the socket, making it agile, strong and a proven performer for professional athletes around the world


Iceross Liners

Widely accepted as a superior suspension system, Iceross silicone prosthetic liners stabilize soft tissue, minimize pistoning (stretching), helping to improve circulation and add comfort. For both new and more experienced amputees, Iceross prosthetic liners form the foundation of comfort and performance. However good the other prosthetic components may be, a poor choice of liner will mean inferior comfort and less stability








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