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Pioneering technology and innovative design features combine to make bebionic3 the world’s most lifelike, affordable, functional and easy to use myoelectric hand commercially available today.

Reliable, speedy and versatile, bebionic3 can be configured to handle almost anything you need to do. bebionic3 is designed to be stronger and more durable than other hands available, meaning that it can be worn daily, and withstand the stresses and strains of constant use.



“Select” MyoElectric Hands

RSLSteeper Select Myo Electric Hands are electrically operated devices designed to meet the needs of most upper limb amputees. A powerful mechanism is provided, giving a grip force output suitable for most routine daily tasks.

Are you one of the many satisfied users of “Select” Myo Electric Hands? Then contact us & let us know!

Innovative, built-in electronics provide a choice of nine control modes for the hand, selected using the dial switch feature. The on-board system also includes an electronic ‘gear change’ allowing power to be stored and released on demand.

RSLSteeper Select Myo Electric Hands are controlled with Select Myo electrodes or switch inputs and the electronics equipped with patented Powerforce™



Custom Silicone Gloves/Restorations

There are several different cosmetic gloves within our range, utilising the latest in silicone and PVC polymer materials to achieve the maximum benefits in aesthetic appearance and durability for upper limb amputees. Furthermore, the materials are impermeable to water and in the case of silicone gloves, are stain resistant.

These gloves fit all RSLSteeper Passive (foam), Mechanical and Electric hands. Our range also includes the new extra length Elegance gloves in PVC and silicone – designed to fit RSLSteeper “Select” range mechanical hands, as well as Otto Bock System mechanical and electric hands


Lower Extremities


Skinergy Prosthetic Leg  Covers

Manufactured using the latest innovation in silicone polymer technology, Skinergy Plus provides an extremely high level of cosmesis for the below knee user, incorporating a unique seamless finish. Easy to fit, enhanced toughness and improved realism make Skinergy Plus our most impressive leg cover yet



Custom Silicone foot/toe Restorations

SPECTROMATCH, our unique colour matching system, ensures that each Custom Silicone product achieves a near perfect match to the wearer. Unlike many similar products, our fabrication techniques involve colouring the silicone material itself prior to sculpting, as opposed to surface painting. This process allows the layering of different shades of silicone to give a translucent finish to the cosmesis, similar to real human tissue.

Patients are individually measured, cast and colour-matched at a local centre, this information is then sent to our fabrication facility for manufacture. Delivery takes approximately four to six weeks.

Custom Silicone products can be produced to suit nearly all requirements – from individual digits, full and partial hands, partial feet, upper and lower limb covers as well as cosmetic restorations for burns and tissue loss.









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