Lower Extremities


Alpha Classic Liners

In order to provide an excellent socket fit and maximum comfort, Alpha Classic Liners are available in three distinctly different fabrics and three gel thicknesses, as well as various sizes to adapt to the amputee’s limb circumference. Additionally, medium, medium-plus and large sizes are available in three distinct gel profiles to accommodate various limb shapes with additional comfort. Alpha Classic Liners are composed of skin-friendly Alpha Classic Gel and are heat moldable, allowing prosthetists to easily stretch the liners within their facilities.

The durable Original fabric helps extend the life of the liner. Alpha Spirit fabric may be used with Velcro®-type material and is more flexible than other Classic fabrics. The extra flexibility allows for easier to don and doff and easier to flex at the knee. The MAX fabric provides an outer cover for the liner that is more abrasion resistant than other liners on the market today. The one-way stretch Select fabric controls pistoning while remaining easy to don.



Alpha Hybrid Liners

The Alpha Hybrid Liner allows for easy bending and flexing of the knee, controlled pistoning, and easy donning. Its Hybrid Gel is perfectly paired with a one-way stretch fabric that effectively controls pistoning without incorporating a distal matrix. This fabric, engineered exclusively for WillowWood, allows circumferential stretch, yet maintains liner elongation within specified limits. A flexible panel incorporates an abrasion-resistant fabric allowing the limb to easily flex without pulling and tightening at the knee. This panel and the thin gel behind the knee allows for comfort while sitting or bending for extended periods of time. A new socket should be fabricated for best use of the Alpha Hybrid Liner with progressive gel style. The Alpha Hybrid Liner with uniform gel style is a solution for amputees currently wearing a 6 mm uniform Alpha Classic Liner with Original fabric and want to experience the benefits of this new liner



Alpha Silicone Liners

Classic AK Liners with the AK Profile accommodate the often sensitive areas of transfemoral residual limbs with a specific gel style and the incorporation of skin-friendly, mineral-oil-based classic Alpha Classic Gel. The liner, offered in cushion and locking, has 9 mm of gel distally, tapering to 3 mm proximally—with a built-in gel pad to protect the often-sensitive femur. This extra gel pad provides a total of 9 mm of gel at the distal lateral aspect of each liner. The Alpha Spirit Fabric used for Alpha Classic AK Cushion Liners is unique in its ability to flex during donning or doffing. Alpha Classic AK Cushion Liners may be used with a Velcro®-like material for added security.

Liners with the Symmetrical Profile have 9 mm gel distally and taper to 2.5 mm gel at the anterior and posterior. The symmetrical design allows the liner to be rotated for extended wear. This profile is a good choice for amputees who reflect liners for greater comfort at the socket brim line. The Select Fabric, only offered with the Symmetrical Profile, is a one-way stretch fabric that controls pistoning yet remains easy to don.



Alpha Hybrid AK

The Alpha Hybrid AK Liner with symmetrical gel style features hybrid gel which has a higher durometer that combines durability with comfort. The liner features 9 mm distal gel thickness and 2.5 mm anterior/posterior gel thickness. The symmetrical design allows the liner to be rotated for extended wear. The liner utilizes one-way stretch fabric for controlled pistoning without a rigid distal matrix and provides tissue compression without uncomfortable pressure on the limb. the locking version features an accordion-style umbrella that blends with a patient’s anatomy for an almost unnoticeable feeling



 LimbLogic VS

Elevated vacuum suspension is perhaps the most secure suspension currently available.

Vaccum suspension consists of a prosthetic device that pumps air out of a socket, creating a vacuum. The vacuum secures a limb in place within the prosthetic socket. An airtight socket is critical for success with vacuum suspension

WillowWood's elevated vacuum system, LimbLogic VS, is mounted inline on a prosthesis allowing for complete integration. LimbLogic VS monitors the level of vacuum within the socket to maintain a secure and comfortable fit. Practitioners program LimbLogic VS for a set range of vacuum. Amputees may use the hand-held fob to adjust the vacuum level within the practitioner-set range. The LimbLogic VS 4-Hole pump is waterproof in fresh water to a depth of 3 meters (10 feet) for up to 12 hours at a time. The hand-held fob should not become wet as it is not waterproof.










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