Upper Extremities


Active prostheses  I-limb ultra

With the i-limb ultra, your prosthesis looks and moves more like a natural hand than any other powered prosthetic hand. Each finger moves independently and bends at the natural joints so that it can accurately adapt to fit around the shape of the object you want to grasp.

Powered by Touch Bionics' unique biosim software, the i-limb ultra is the most versatile prosthetic hand available, providing you with the ability to customize the hand for your daily needs.

Choose from a wide selection of automated grips and gestures to help you complete your daily tasks, such as index point for typing, precision pinch mode for gripping small objects or natural hand position for walking or while at rest.

Utilizing its pulsing and vari-grip features, the i-limb ultra is the only prosthetic hand with the ability to gradually increase the strength of its grip on an object. This can be very useful in situations where a firmer grasp is required, such as tying shoelaces tightly or holding a heavy bag more securely



Active prostheses  I-limb digits

With i-limb digits, anywhere from one to five missing fingers can be replaced with one of our individually powered prosthetic digits. These digits, which move independently and bend at the joints, work in conjunction with any remaining fingers to help you increase your functional capabilities.

Every person with missing digits is unique and so each i-limb digits solution is custom made to fit you. There are many different ways to create an i-limb digits prosthesis, but the goal is always the same: to provide you with a solution that will help increase your function and independence


Passive functional –LivingSkin

Hand crafted from high definition silicone and hand painted to match skin tone and appearance, our livingskin prostheses are very realistic. At Touch Bionics, we take care to ensure that the detail of these prostheses is remarkable, introducing features such as freckles, hairs and tattoos.

In addition to the realistic appearance of our livingskin products, it's important to remember that passive prostheses like these still have important functional capabilities. This includes actions such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping and typing.



Wrist Rotator

The 10S17 Electric Wrist Rotator and the 13E205 MyoRotronic provide the electrical rotation of the Otto Bock System Electric Hand or Greifer. The MyoRotronic can be operated in combination with all Otto Bock System Electric Hands and System Electric Greifers that are equipped with Quick Disconnect Wrist. In operation every switchover between System Electric Hand or System Electric Greifer and Electric Wrist Rotator is indicated by brief vibration of the Electric Wrist Rotator



The latest development in electrodes. A new electrode design that provides a drastic improvement in sensitivity as well as superior noise filtration making it the clear choice for anyone fitting myoelectrics









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