A new Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) product which has dramatically changed the approach to FES. With WalkAide there are no exposed wires, no foot plate sensonr to be worn inside of your shoe and no fanny pack. WalkAide is a combination of computer timed, tilt sensor and impact controlled product that is compact, light weight and very effective in overcoming drop foot. It can be used with your choice of shoes, sandals, tennis shoes, slip-ons, or even heels. You can even go barefoot and get the control that you want and need!
Once WalkAide has been programmed, it will deliver the lift that you need to clear every step and help you to develop a more cosmetic and efficient gait pattern.
WalkAide is lightweight, easy to apply and use, inconspicuous and very effective in overcoming the eefects of traumatic head injusry, stroke, MS, and upper level spinal cord injuries.

Is WalkAide right for you?

Contact us and we will help you decide if you are a candidate.

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